Powerfully Effective Pain Relief

Introducing Neurolumen, an innovative, industry-changing medical device that works to reduce pain and increase circulation. Neurolumen utilizes a sophisticated system to deliver multiple modes of healing energy to affected tissues.

This pioneering approach combines the restorative properties of light therapy with the therapeutic benefits of electrical stimulation. The resulting synergy of technologies provides the most effective pain treatment available today. Even just one 30-minute treatment can provide dramatic results.

Shelly Henry and Neurolumen Featured in Readers Digest.

Shelly Henry and Neurolumen appearing on "The Doctors".

The Neurolumen comes in a lightweight, portable case that's designed for easy at-home use. It's a fast-acting, non-invasive therapy and a safe alternative to prescription medication. FDA approved, the Neurolumen has also been certified by Intertek as meeting or exceeding stringent design, quality and safety standards.

The Neurolumen System